Gabrielle Hoad

The Buffer Zone  |  2016

Focused on Dawlish Warren National Nature Reserve, The Buffer Zone was a site-responsive collaboration between Gabrielle Hoad, Megan Calver and Susie David, supported by a bursary from a-n The Artist Information Company. Setting out to create dialogue between the human and nonhuman, often through strategies such as mimicry and hiding, it resulted in a publication lie lie lie and an on-site show 'Throw only to an alert catcher', which later transferred to Gallery 333 Exeter Phoenix.

Aspects of the collaboration featured in a paper presented by Mark Leahy after alert catchers: a report on an other (than) worded event at Beyond Words: Privileging the Unspoken in Arts and Communities in a Posthuman World, Plymouth University, March 2017. An edited version of the film Throw only to an alert catcher (2016) was screened at Jamboree 2018, Dartington.