Gabrielle Hoad

The head of a white laboratory rat and a white woman are superimposed so that their features become merged.

Crosstalk | Still from digital animation — 30 seconds, looped | 2021

Crosstalk is a digital animation made in response to research into associative learning at Nottingham University. Testing assumptions about the human brain using laboratory rats is common practice in medical research – and part of a wider interdependency between our two species. In neuroscience, 'crosstalk' refers to the way that electrochemical signals in the brain may affect others. But there is also a sense in which crosstalk (ie incidental communication) between rats and their handlers is part of everyday life in the lab and an acknowledgement of the rats' agency outside the mechanics of experimentation.

Made for Creative Reactions Nottingham (2021) with Dr Rebecca M Hock, Research Fellow, School of Psychology, University of Nottingham.