Gabrielle Hoad

 A close-up of hands gently holding a white paper object that makes itself ghostly to the camera through its trembling movement.

Delicate Instruments | 2023 | Research project, public participatory event and installation

Delicate Instruments is an exploration of the paranormal research of Alec Harley Reeves (1902 -1971) as a means of connecting with the more-than-human world. Reeves was a brilliant engineer whose inventions enabled modern digital communications, but he also conducted experiments to test psychical phenomena. Inspired by these experiments, Gabrielle Hoad and Megan Calver created a number of 'delicate instruments' that offer the possibility of tuning into signals that are beyond the reach of normal human perception.

Initial findings were shared at a public event at the Devon & Exeter Institution in April 2023 and a new iteration, Delicate Instruments (Vibrating Stillness) was presented at Vitrine in Exeter in December 2023.

Delicate Instruments was generously supported by a CAMP Research Residency. Thanks to David Robertson and the family of Richard Epworth.