Gabrielle Hoad

A moth-eaten taxidermy fox is arranged on top of a wire cage (magpie trap), within a dilapidated animal stall. The glint of the heads of numerous brass drawing pins can just be discerned on the far wall.

Fatal exchanges | 2017 | Found objects, sound, text, urine, drawing pins

Research-based, site-responsive installation made with Megan Calver on the privately owned Cotley Estate. Drawing inspiration from a text Murder in the Kitchen by Alice B Toklas, the work examines a network of deaths resulting from instinct, accident, pleasure and necessity. Its starting point was an event in 1832 when the hounds of the Cotley Hunt were struck by the rabies virus and the Master of the Hunt had to shoot all but one of them. There is also a 12-page publication to accompany the work. Made for 'Prospect' (2017).